We are rejoining this year at Çeşme Köy, İzmir, for the second edition of the ‘MultiRAID in Istanbul’, which was presented you between 17-22nd of March, 2016, in both sides of Istanbul, covering 7+ different places & venues, by the collaboration of Istanbul based art & non-art formation A.I.D and Berlin-Oslo based Multiversal, along with the participation of R.P.T (Reaction Power Trio) from France. This year on 21st of August, we will be also starting the 4th edition of MultiDOM tour that is going to last full throttle till March ’18.

Just to give some hints about MultiRAID2’s program flow; 21st and 28th will be the opening and closing days with dj sets and surprise acts. During the other 6 days, various exhibitions, workshops and group studies will be happening throughout the day besides several personal activities that can be made at Çeşme Köy. After the presentations and talks, which will take place under the moderation of different names on each afternoon, performances will start, which will be continuing till late night in both open and close stages.

MultiRAID2: Cruising on the Limits

Music, art, sociology, philosophy, ecology and performance in transit.

Marges de la musique (Margins of music)

What we’re talking about here is an excursion on the limits. In fact, navigating the bounds is the most creative form of thought, music, art and science. Social organization today defines a center for itself and pushes the ones who desire and strive to be out in the bounds, who forego, modify or forget the standard codes out to its peripheries. Such people are to be blessed by the system only when they produce “utility” or “capital”. Otherwise they are isolated, eradicated or deemed worthless.

However as the system casts out and marginalizes the ones in the limits, they assert that what they do is not useless or functionless, on the contrary therein (in deterritorialization, nomadism and all resistance against the established order) lies the true culture and social organization. As the Ideological State Apparatuses try to eradicate them, they realize themselves in these experiences produced on the limits. The realization here is not in a single form but in multiplicity. For instance, this multiplicity is possible to see in music not only through “noise” but also in punk, post-punk, Cage, Webern, Debussy and electronic, folk and sacred music.

The aim of this festival is to remind its attendees that the standards and norms are always possible to overcome and invite them to a cruise on the limits. It is still possible to form new lines of escape. Research and excursions to different surfaces instead of teaching, ordering and demanding… We can do this in all disciplines: art, philosophy, music, sociology, ecology, performance… As we reach the rhizomes of collective organizations we will no longer need roots.

Lawmakers of the system may call the ones who don’t conform to their norms strays, drifters, slackers or public enemies or deem them incompetent, useless, functionless, mentally ill, racially inferior or perverted. However these are merely the expressions of those ways that lead to an “undefined place”

MultiRAID gatherings and A.I.D formation are based on full volunteer-ship principle. They do not have an affiliation with any commercial foundation except Zuhal Muzik which provides the necessary musical equipment. (*) Instead of a fixed entry fee, audience members are encouraged to make a contribution to be shared among the artists. A.I.D and/or the organisation team do not expect any share from the paid contracts such as workshops, product sales or Çeşme Köy’s accommodation charges.

Çeşme Köy

Çeşme Köy is a life sustainability project based in Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey. As the only place in Çeşme, surrounded with forests, Çeşme Köy serves food made of the products of its own agriculture, and offers accommodation at rustic-decorated rooms with sea and forest sights. Çeşme Köy is a yoga centre, event area, a playground and an art atelier.

We are inviting you too to enjoy the pretty intense and very diverse schedule of the MultiRAID2 at Çeşme Köy and its unique nature. You can benefit from the affordable accommodation charges of Çeşme Köy and have access to the all performances, presentations and talks for free* whether you stay for the whole week or just one night.


sabel Morti (CH), Edward Williams (FR), Ruben Tenenbaum (FR), Aviv Stern (IL), Dana Decktor(IL), Yaniv Schonfeld (IL), Lena Tzur (IL), Stefan Voglsinger (AT), Marie Donath (DE), Masom (Artificial Intelligence), Şevket Akıncı, Çatı1972 Gürkan Baltacılar, Gözel Radio, Efe Demiral, Can Batukan, Rafet Arslan, Can Tan, Volkan Ergen, Selçuk Artut, Alp Tuğan, İskeletor, Burkay Yalnız, B-Stock, Madcow, Decoder, Howl, Geiger, Mert A., ArdaOz, Deniz Bağlan, Utkanj, Fall From Cloud, RET, Bawer, Kök Tengri, Junkplayer, Glabrezu, Başar Ünder, Nedim Ruacan, Hazal Döleneken, Kirpi, Onur Başkurt, Mehmet Korkmaz, Emrecan Ağtaş, Fauna, Bartu Özbatur, Aslı Kobaner, Nazlı Ufuk Sakioğlu, RAW, Zeynep Oktar, Ali Pourmand, Ahmetcan Gökçeer, Rüya Nesrin, GUITA, Görkem Arıkan, İpek Odabaşı, Çağrı Erdem, Alp Çoksoyluer, Kaan Özel, Cihan Gülmez, Fahrettin Can Mekikoğlu, Yaprak Melike Uyar, Yurdal Çağlar, Alparslan Teke, TKO, Barış Kömürcü, Mickey Says Bye, Görkem Özdemir, Ozan Aktuna, Ali Onur Olgun, Random Input, Mehmet Ömür, Zoo Psychology, Gökay Atabek, Ahmet Çağan, Hakan Bulut

Isabel Morti

Ruben Tenenbaum

Aviv Stern 

Dana Decktor

Yaniv Schonfeld

Stefan Voglsinger

Marie Donath

Michiyasu Furutani

Philippe Pasquier

Şevket Akıncı

Serdar Ateşer

Çatı1972 Gürkan Baltacılar 

Murat Taner

Efe Demiral

Robotik Hayaller

Volkan Ergen


Burkay Yalnız





Mert A.


Deniz Bağlan


Fall From Cloud




Başar Ünder

Kıvanç Tatar

Gülşah Erol

Hazal Döleneken

Atay İlgün


Tuna Pase

Mehmet Korkmaz

Emrecan Ağtaş

Bartu Özbatur

Aslı Kobaner

Nazlı Ufuk Sakioğlu


Zeynep Oktar

Görkem Arıkan

İpek Odabaşı

Çağrı Erdem

Alp Çoksoyluer

Cihan Gülmez

Fahrettin Can Mekikoğlu

Yaprak Melike Uyar

Yurdal Çağlar


Özgür Yılmaz


Görkem Özdemir



Philosophy (23.08 Wednesday)

I – (Philosophical Noise: Punk, post-punk, Industrial Noise and their Philosophical Background)
Can Batukan
Volkan Çağlayan

II – (Nomadism and Music in Philosophy through Ulus Baker)
Ege Berensel
Mehmet Atılgan

Music (24.08 Thursday)

I – (Underground Music, Underground Literature and Their Philosophical Echoes)
Zafer Aracagök

II- (Noise as the Destruction of Music and Animals in Literature)
Şevket Akıncı
Yaprak Melike Uyar

Sociology (25.08 Friday)

I – (Minor Music – Discussions on Sociology and Philosophy)
Ali Akay
Cihan Cinemre

II – (Standard Forms of Society and De-standardized Music)
Alper Maral
Nalan Kurunç

Cultural Studies (26.08 Saturday)

Rafet Arslan – Night Culture

Ecology (27.08 Sunday)

I – (Ecology in the 21st Century)
Sezen Kutup
Gizem Haspolat

II – (Ecopoetics: Making of Home)
İnan Mayıs Aru

III – (Geographies of Rhythm)
Duygun Erim

Technology (27.08 Sunday)

I – (Philosophy of Technology and Music on the Verge of the Big Leap)
Selçuk Artut
Alp Tuğan

II – (A Survey on Musical Metacreation)
Kıvanç Tatar
Philippe Pasquier