Yaniv Schonfeld:
#1 CREATIVE DESTRUCTION: Glitch art for audio and video
Through trial and error, we will go through ways to bend digital data in various media: image, sound and video files. By learning to understand the basics of computer language we will change the way our computer outputs tampered-with data as glitches, colourful textures, weird and unique sounds, and various visual effects that can only be achieved through a deliberate act of hacking.

Duration >> 3 hrs
Participants >> 5 – 15 participants, from age 15 to 99, no previous knowledge required. Participants must bring their computers (doesn’t matter which operating system, no need for a strong computer).


#2 DRONE LAB: Listening session of important drone music throughout history
During this workshop, we will explore the beauty and complexity of long steady sounds, test the space-time-texture boundaries of drones. We will review the generations of drone music and the instruments uniquely built for it. We will study the meditative effect of those sounds, learn to hear their hidden overtones, and go through the “Sitting In A Room” experience in which space dissolves into the tone.

Duration >> 3 – 4 hrs
Participants >> 5 – 15, age 18 to 99, no previous knowledge required



A practical workshop extracting the internal voice of sound appliances (speakers, mixers, effects pedals etc.) and connecting it to the space where they are situated by feedback and no-input techniques – feeding of signals back into their source, looping electric current, producing current oscillations and amplifying resonant frequencies to create chaotic electronic / acoustic sound patterns. Feedback will become a playable and controllable instrument.

Duration >> 2 – 4 hrs
Participants >> 5-15, age 12 to 99, no previous knowledge required.



Bending circuits until they die. In this workshop, we will explore what kind of sounds we can bend out of small toys that generate sound. By randomly creating loops In the circuits and adding some components we will attempt at creating new noisy instruments that act in a random fashion exploring the boundaries of small audio electronics. Some circuits will certainly die.

Participants >> 5-15, age 12 to 99, no previous knowledge required. If participants have toys or effect pedals that they don’t mind ruining they can bring them.

Selçuk Ertut & Alp Tuğan:
Introduction to Processing / Creative Coding Workshop: Interactive Visuals

note: Please, fill out the form for determining the participant’s knowledge of programming languages.

Volkan Ergen – 27.08
The Rhythm in the Classical Turkish Music and The Middle Eastern Traditional Meters

Beril Acar:
Embroidery Workshop

Pelin Günenme:
Raw – Vegan – Vegetarian Food Workshop

Yağmur Kutlar:
Yoga and Meditation ( 22.08 / 10:30 – 11:45 )
Inner Voice: Physical Discoveries ( 25.08 / 15:00 – 16:00 )

Orçun Yeyman
Yoga History and Philosophy / 1 hour / Seminar
Introduction to Ayurveda / 1 hour / Seminar

Ayurveda is a scientific field devoted to the study of physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life, aims to guide for balancing mind, body and soul.

Tuncay Kocal
“World of Skate” workshop with Tuncay Koçak.

1- Introduction to skateboard world: 10min
– Quick brief about skateboard culture and history.
– Useful information for skating(Motivation, collective life, analytical thinking, creativity)
– Points to consider about skateboard or longboard equipments.

2- Recognition of skateboard parts: 10min
– Parts of a skateboard and structural characteristics.
– Durability of the parts.
– Maintenance information.

3- Recognition of safety equipment: 5min
– Usage areas and characteristics of safety equipment.

4- Bodily movements and standing: 15min
– Study of body control and awareness.
– Information about reflexes and maneuverability.

5- Skating techniques and manoeuvres: 15min
– Positioning
– Skating and standing techniques
– Slalom, turning left and right
– Information about backward skating

6- Brake: 10min

7- Skating experience, practising: 20/30min
– Practising experience in the light of given information.

8- Questions and goodbye. 10min

Workshop İlham

We produce wet and dry leather works in our workshop. In our works with wet leather, we hand mold annealed calf leather steeped for a day, sun-dry it upon shaping and dye with paints we have prepared ourselves and shoe polish. Our dry leather products are our own design and hand-sewed. You can participate in our mask workshop during the festival, bend leather with your hands, shape and produce your own mask. We would be delighted if you want to get into the leather art we have been doing with love for decades. Sincerely…